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Managing different cultures in the work place - 825 Words

Managing different cultures in the work place (Research Paper Sample) Content: WORKING IN INTERNATIONAL TEAMS; MANAGING ACROSS DIFFERENT CULTURES WITH EMPHASIS ON CULTUREByInsert NameSubject, Institution, LocationInstructorDateWorking in International TeamsThe number of multicultural teams have increased tremendously over the past few years. This can be attributed to increased cross border mobility which has enabled individuals to move easily from one region to the other. In the process, individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures have mixed freely thereby heightening the level of diversity within the society. Advancement in technology, expanded telecommunication channels, and improved internet technologies have contributed positively to the increasing levels of diversity, and reduced barriers within the society. With these factors within our midst, multicultural teams are common among many organizations. Individuals in organizations work in multicultural teams on a daily basis. For this reason, managing multicultural teams become s necessary within such organizations and HRM departments have to implement management strategies that will assist in managing multicultural teams (Connaughton, Shuffler, 2007).To overcome challenges associated with working with international teams requires managers to learn the aspect false consensus effect to avoid taking other cultures for granted. Individuals in a multi-cultured environment perceive things differently and therefore, caution must be taken to avoid misinterpretations, confusion, misunderstandings, and bad decisions for business. There is no doubt that managing multicultural teams generates increased dilemmas and substantial obstacles for most managers. The fact that global mobility and global operations leads to a multicultural workforce should not be unusual among managers. Individuals working in a similar company might share similar professional qualifications but lack similar cultural perspectives. Diverse behaviors and opinions should be expected among indivi duals within the workforce.Managing international teams require investment in diverse cultural knowledge and resilience. Managers of international teams should be sensitive to diverse cultures in order to understand the different priorities, behaviors, and expectations of all members within the team. To be versed in such strategies, managers of international teams can enroll in coaching or training in order to acquaint themselves with skills, knowledge, and strategies that can enable them to manage international teams efficiently and effectively (Butler, Zander, 2008). This can be achieved through the following strategies.First, managers of international teams should study the composition of their workforces to obtain a wider picture of the different ethnic compositions. This will provide the platform to enable the manager to identify areas of research and possible challenges that might present themselves as s/he tries to work with international team. Studying the composition of t he workforce also provides the synergy and positive energies needed to manage cultural teams (Friedemann, 2008). Spending a significant amount of time with team members is essential for managers of international teams because it enables them to analyze the contributions and skills of each individual member.The second strategy involves developing a leadership strategy that accommodates their preferred leadership style in order to increases chances of increasing interactions with team members. An international leadership style might not work at the domestic level and similarly, a domestic style cannot work if applied in the international level (Starren, Hornikx, Luijters, 2013). This shows the essence of planning, analyzing, and respecting the needs and preferences of all cultures. For an international manager to succeed, he/she needs to take into account the cultural considerations of all team members.The third strategy for enabling managers of international teams to achieve success involves appreciating the contributions of each team member based on the cultural value they add to the organization (Fain, Kline, 2013). An organization cannot be said to be diverse if its members come from a monochromic culture. Appreciating efforts from team members entails giving credit where it deserves and respecting divergent views that are sensitive to the organization. Such involvement also helps to equalize power among different cultures within the organization. A situation where one culture wields more power than other cultures is counterproductive to the organization (Anderson, 2010). Proper planning must be done to avoid vesting disproportionate power to particular cultures.Fourth, after studying and analyzing the behavioral and cultural needs of team members within the organization, it is emphatically crucial for a manager to develop organizational rules and processes that will be universal to all team members within the organization. It is advisable to develop clear and explicit rules that have elements of respect to all cultures (Hornikx, O'Keefe, 2011). Involving input from all team members works best because it enables managers of international teams to avoid ambiguous situations in future.

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The Debate On The Existence Of God - 2437 Words

We live in a world were the idea of a great and powerful God is highly controversial, there is wide scale of opinions as to whether or not God exist. The reasons behind those controversies are numerous, a few of those reasons are: †¢ That people from different religions all argue that their God is better then any other, thus creating numerous ruptures within churches †¢ That certain people rather believe in numerous Gods and worship them all. †¢ That some people would rather believe in reason and science those people often call themselves atheists. I believe in the existence of God but I will discuss arguments that express both the existence of God and none existence of God in order to prove that God really does exist. By visiting and†¦show more content†¦Classical theism philosophers Anselm and Descartes have two similar formulations that created the Anselmian-Cartesian point which is: â€Å"Ordinary things may of course be conceived without conceiving them as existing, but it is because the existence of their natures is contingent, not necessary [†¦] this contingency as a mode of relationship to existence is itself necessary, inherent in the natures, such as entities that if not in this world, then in some other world it’s at least possible.† (Hartshorne, Rees 97). Descartes and Anselm also contributed to the ontological argument where Descartes argument that attempted to prove that God is the cause of our clear and distinct perception, He is perfect in everyway, He does not deceive and His idea i s innate. Anselm’s argument appears to be an a priori proof of Gods existence. It is based on experience and concept. He believes that God is an unsurpassable being; a being that cannot be improved upon. Descartes asked a critical question â€Å"How do I know that I have a genuine idea of perfection rather than a confused or self-contradictory pseudo-idea?† (Hartshorme, Rees 134-135) Descartes attempted to explain this question that God exist in our understanding, the concept of God being an idea in our mind, he also says that God is a possible being and exist in reality. God cannot only exist in our understanding. So therefore, these ontological arguments make it clear that when we can comprehend the existence of God, it will be

School Leadership, Shared Leadership And Trust - 861 Words

Louis*, Dretzke and Wahlstrom (2010) studied and collected evidence around three specific school leader behaviors to determine their connection to student achievement. The three specific school leadership behaviors emerged from this research study is: instructional leadership, shared leadership and trust (p. 316). This study attempts to collect evidence to help determine the significance and impact school leaders have on student achievement. Previous research indicates that teacher instruction and classroom environments have the greatest impact on student learning, therefore, making school leaders and their decisions an interest of study. The assumption is that evidence will help support and determine that school leaders are capable of†¦show more content†¦This particular research is an attempt to determine how leadership influences teaching and learning in schools. The collection of quantitative data began at the beginning and the end of the 5-year study. The collection of qualitative data was administered with three rounds in between the quantitative data gathering. The quantitative data included teacher surveys, principal surveys, student achievement data and demographic data. The sampling was conducted in nine states that were randomly selected from four quadrants throughout the United States with variation in organization size, socio-economic status (SES), and achievement status. The sampling design was to represent 180 schools in 45 school districts. The actual quantitative sample included teachers and principals in 157 schools and in 43 school districts. The sample represented equal representation from elementary and secondary schools. This study investigated the data from teachers after the first and second rounds the surveys were administered. Louis*, et al. (2010) utilized two surveys that were previously field tested to help improve word clarity and utilized a 6-point Likert scale to measure all attitudinal variables. The final instrument was mailed to individual schools and was completed by teachers in a faculty meeting with each participant having a sealed envelope to return and to ensure confidentiality. The surveys

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A Manager Communicating With Associates - 844 Words

A manager communicating with associates in China, using the Hofstede s cultural dimension, will be mindful of such things as power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and many other variables. Power distance rankings 80, masculinity 66, uncertainty avoidance 30. A manager dealing with associates in China, will need to be aware of associates rankings and address them accordingly, because the higher ranking you have in China, the less your authority is questioned. China ranks 20 on hofstedes cultural dimensions power of individualism and this is considered very low, so a manager should inspire group activity in associates and focus less on individual work. The manager should group projects to associates, because the Chinese ranking is medium in masculinity and low in uncertainty avoidance due to their high inclination to be entrepreneurs they are willing to take on challenging tasks: (, 2016). Ireland ranks low in power distance with a score of 28, low in uncertainty avoidance with a score of 35, and high in individualism and masculinity with a score of 70 and 68 respectively. This implies that a manager dealing with associates in Ireland, must treat associates the same irrespective of their rankings and must also allow them to take more risks and take on more challenging tasks as they are more optimistic about their future. The manager must also treat associates as individuals as Ireland is a very competitive society and valuesShow MoreRelatedA Manager Communicating With Associates835 Words   |  4 PagesA manager communicating with associates in China using the Hofstede s cultural dimension, will be mindful of such things as power distance, individualism, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and many other variables. China s Power distance rankings is 80, masculinity 66 and uncertainty avoidance 30. A manager dealing with associates in China will need to be aware of asso ciates rankings and address them accordingly, because the higher ranking you have in China, the less your authority is questionedRead MoreImportant Element For Employee s Career Growth913 Words   |  4 Pagesmulticultural characteristics that hold people back. Their competence and performance were never an issue. All employees want to be included in communicating inclusiveness, multicultural employees tend to feel as though they are not included or that their opinion is not valued. Multicultural employees are considered to be polychromic employees. This leads managers to believe that they are not ready for a promotion and prefer to be stuck in their comfort zone. Moving from supporting role to headliner,Read MoreEffective Communication For A Managerial Level1587 Words   |  7 Pagesmanagerial level and to know your target audience; in addition, to determine the appropriate style and format of communicating with the audience. According to the business dictionary, the meaning of e ffective communication is A two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party. Effective communication by business managers facilitates information sharing between company employees and can substantially contribute to its commercialRead MoreSample Resume : Maurices Store1250 Words   |  5 PagesThe company that I chose to do my presentation on is Maurices Store. I worked in retail as a manager for 12 years at the former County Seat and one of my assistants is still working retail as a manager at Maurices here in Dubuque. I was interested in choosing retail sales because it is where I started and I wanted to see how it has changed over the years. Maurices was founded in 1931 by E. Maurice Labovitz and is now owned by Ascena Retail Group, Inc. Maurices home office in located in Duluth, MinnesotaRead MoreEvaluating The Retention And Development Of Their Employees1201 Words   |  5 Pageslearned that a disproportionate number of good sales associates had left the organization. These sales associates could have been potentially strong candidates for the department manager and assistant department manager positions. Chern’s uses supervisor recommendations and structured interviews to promote about 75 percent of their sales associates to department managers and assistant department managers. In the exit interviews the sales associates indicated that they were leaving because they didn’tRead MoreEssay On Home Office1304 Words   |  6 Pagesfilled: Director of Operations, Director of Clinical Services, Manager of Office Operations, Manager of Clinical Services, Client Relation Executive, Team Coordinators, Clinician Team (Register Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physical Therapy and Assistants, Occupational Therapist and Assistants, Speech Therapist, and Medical Social Workers), and Home Health Aides. Outside of the office personal we have a regional team of managers: Regional Vice Present, Regional Director of Operations, and RegionalRead MoreImplementing Change Hcs/4751647 Words   |  7 Pagesnonstop development and revenue are a few examples motivating change. A system to the approach of change is motivation, assessment; planning, implementation, evaluation, and either choice of adoption or adjusting change processes (Dale Carnegie Associates, Inc., 2011). Leaders embark on a systematic detailed process of analyzing and assessment to determine the opportunities for change outweigh the risk associated to the strategy for change. Leadership asks informative and influential questionsRead MoreUnderstanding The Communication Approach At The Norton ( 1983 ) And De Vries1103 Words   |  5 PagesTheoretical Approach When managers or leaders are communicating to subordinates about business changes, or more specifically, restructuring or downsizing of the business, this requires the sender to determine the communication approach seen most appropriate for the receiver to interpret the message. In conjunction with the Norton (1983) and De Vries (2010), (2011) definitions, the leaders communication style, is a characteristic way of sending verbal or non-verbal communications during supervisor-subordinateRead MoreApplication Of A Continuous Learning Management770 Words   |  4 Pagesis provided as Learning on the Go to the associates and focuses on technologies which associates are working on. The CLP facilitates certifications and ongoing technical training of associates to meet the requirements of business. Leadership Development Program The program focuses on grooming of future global leaders. Associates are screened for eligibility and then put in thorough rigorous and in-house-brand programs. The company also encourages associates to take up courses in premier B schoolsRead MoreDesert Communications Call Center: Operational Changes1516 Words   |  7 Pagesto another representative. Managers also need to be observing each employee’s dialogue, to make sure they are to the point. Employees need to be more efficient when selling the new products on the phone. This would allow them to answer more phone calls. Finally, managers need to recognize and reward employees and teams for the highest product sales. This will help motivate the employees to work hard. Training Development Desert Communications requires the managers to develop a training plan

The Minister’s Black Veil†External, Internal Conflict Essay

â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ External, Internal Conflict Based on the evaluations of literary critics, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† contains both an external and an internal conflict, about equally treated in the tale. It is the intent of this essay to explore both types of conflict as presented in the story. R. W. B. Lewis in â€Å"The Return into Rime: Hawthorne† implies internal and external conflict in his statement: â€Å"Finally, it was Hawthorne who saw in American experience the re-creation of the story of Adam and who . . . exploited the active metaphor of the American as Adam – before and during and after the Fall† (72). Q. D. Leavis says regarding internal confllict: the†¦show more content†¦At the outset of the tale, â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† the sexton is tolling the church bell and simultaneously watching Mr. Hooper’s door, when suddenly he says, ``But what has good Parson Hooper got upon his face? The surprise which the sexton displayed is repeated in the astonishment of the onlookers: â€Å"With one accord they started, expressing more wonder. . .† The reason is this: â€Å"Swathed about his forehead, and hanging down over his face, so low as to be shaken by his breath† is a black veil. The 30 year ol d, unmarried parson receives a variety of reactions from his congregation: ``I cant really feel as if good Mr. Hoopers face was behind that piece of crape ``He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face ``Our parson has gone mad! Few could refrain from twisting their heads towards the door. . . . . . . more than one woman of delicate nerves was forced to leave the meeting-house. At this point begins the external conflict of the drama – between the minister and the people of his congregation, which will last until his death. Except for the sable veil, Reverend Hooper is quite a compatible and sociable personality: Mr. Hooper had the reputation of a good preacher, but not an energetic one: he strove to win his people heavenward by mild, persuasive influences, rather than to drive them thither by theShow MoreRelatedEssay on External and Internal Conflict in The Minister’s Black Veil2520 Words   |  11 PagesExternal and Internal Conflict in â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† manifests a duality of conflict – both an external conflict and an internal conflict. It is the purpose of this essay to explore both types of conflict as manifested in the story.    In the opinion of this reader, the central conflicts – the relation between the protagonist and antagonist (Abrams 225) - in the tale are an internal one, a spiritual-moralRead More The Minister’s Black Veil - Conflict, Climax and Resolution Essay2908 Words   |  12 Pagesâ€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† - Conflict, Climax and Resolution  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† will be examined in order to determine the conflicts in the tale, the climax and resolution.    The conflict involving evil and sin, pride and humility is the direction that Clarice Swisher in â€Å"Nathaniel Hawthorne: a Biography† tends: â€Å"Hawthorne himself was preoccupied with the problems of evil, the nature of sin, the conflict between pride and humility† (13)Read MoreEssay on The Allegory in The Minister’s Black Veil2914 Words   |  12 PagesThe Allegory in â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil†Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   It is the purpose of this essay to show that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil† is indeed an allegory. M. H. Abrams defines an allegory as a â€Å"narrative, whether in prose or verse, in which the agents and actions, and sometimes the setting as well, are contrived by the author to make coherent sense on the ‘literal,’ or primary, level of signification, and at the same time to signify a second, correlated order of signification†Read More Psychoanalitic Approach to The Minister’s Black Veil Essay2506 Words   |  11 Pagesshow how realistic, even common, this somewhat absurd event may actually be. In a psychological analysis, this is a necessary element in both de-personalizing a situation and giving it potential for universal application. In Hawthorne’s The Minister’s Black Veil, many interpretations by way of psychological analysis are possible, and, once exposed, quite apparent. Once r evealed, there are many routes for understanding the story in a psychoanalytical context. The main approaches this essay will takeRead More Allegory, Symbolism, and Madness – Comparing the Demons of Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne3842 Words   |  16 Pages As contemporaries of each other, Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne endeavored to write about man’s dark side, the supernatural influence, and moral truths. Each writer saw man as the center-point in his stories; Poe sees man’s internal struggle as madness, while Hawthorne sees man as having a â€Å"secret sin.† Each had their reasons for writing in the Gothic format. Poe was not a religious man; he was well educated and favored reading the German Gothic literature, which would become

Production - Establishing a Business free essay sample

This School Based Assessment is based on a business plan for Otaku Cafe. It is written with the intent to learn what it takes to start a business and to have something to use as a proposal to address potential investors and show the feasibility of the business. Business Description Otaku Cafe will be a cafe where people can come and read and write while enjoying sweet treats and coffee. It will be a sole trader business that sells sweets and beverages made right in the shop, fresh every day. The main objectives of this business will be to make 100% profit and to eventually open other branches all the while satisfying customers and bringing together people who have similar interests and reawakening people’s interest in books. Justification of Location The cafe’s location will be in Heritage Quay on the board walk. This is the chosen location because of the flow of customers who pass through due to the other businesses in the area and the tourists that come from the cruise ship. We will write a custom essay sample on Production Establishing a Business or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This location is in town but away from the traffic congestion; roads, water and electricity will also be easily accessible from the location. Also it is near the port, making it easier to get stocks from overseas. The lack of competitor cafes and the ready supply of possible labour from the surrounding area make this an optimum location. Selection of Appropriate Labour Skilled Employees Barista At least 2 will be necessary. They will be responsible for the making of quality beverages, handling the customers Assistant baker At least 3 will be needed. The assistant baker will be responsible for cleaning baking equipment and preparing and organising products in preparation for the baker Waiter / Waitress At least 4 will be necessary. They will be responsible for taking customer orders and delivering them their meals and beverages in a timely manner, delivering the bill to customers and clearing dirty wares from the tables. Sources of fixed and working capital The business premises, vehicles such as vans that may be used for transport of the product and raw materials, computers that are used, machinery such as ovens, coffee machines, heated display cases, freezers, are fixed capital, all which will be essential to the business but can be used to gain funds through their sale though they most likely would not be sold as they would be vital to the running of the business. Working capital will be gained first through small business loans from a commercial bank and will later be created through the money made from the sales of the cafe’s goods as working capital is the variable types of capitol made throughout the course of the business that can be readily converted into monetary funds. Roles of the Entrepreneur Creating and setting the concept the business will be bases on Providing funding for the business Planning for the establishment of the business Organize resources for business operation Type of Production The business will be involved in the production of the service of providing food and goods to customers as well as an entertaining experience at the cafe. Level of Production Production in the business will be on a domestic level, only producing for the local market as it is a more plausible level of production and more fiscally sound. Quality Control Measures Quality control within the business will be maintained through the strict adherence to recipes set for products, the hiring of mostly skilled workers and regular quality checks so as to ensure output of only optimum products and services to the customers. Use of technology Technology used in the business Internet Point of Sales system Accounting software (QuickBooks) Linkages The business will be involved in linkages with wholesale suppliers or producers of coffee, tea and other such beverages as well as suppliers or producers of fruits or fruit jams such as local farmers, producers of flour, dairy products and other suck materials needed to produce the goods of the cafe, to create an economic flow locally and to increase possible output and profit. Potential for Growth Growth within the business will be expected and hopefully the business will have to eventually move to a larger location, purchase more equipment to keep up with product demand and if possible, maybe even open other branches across the island. Government Regulations As a business earning money it will be required to be registered and pay taxes such as corporate taxes which are 2% of profits, custom tariffs, licence for importations and applying for work permits for any non-national employees and fulfilling payments of Social Security and Medical Benefits for employees. Ethical Issues Ethical issues such as the prompt payment of taxes, the correct labelling and advertising of products and the sales of quality goods instead of substandard or shoddy goods are all ethical standards that will be upheld by the business.

Business Research Method Research Proposal- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Research Method Research Proposal for Learning. Answer: Introduction: In the present competitive market, proper evaluation of the provide workforce is critical for the management. Now, proper maintenance of globally diversified workforce has emerged as one of the prime challenges for the managers. In order to develop assessment 1 and assessment 2, I have covered different key concepts related with the management styles. The development of the literature review section has provided me the opportunity to identify and choose several authentic sources. Therefore, it is likely to enhance my searching ability in a major way, which will definitely help me to cover other academic requirements. From the beginning, I have taken all the provided classes seriously, as I know the importance remaining present in the all the provided classes. I feel the development of assessment of 1 and 2 has provided me to gain practical experiences in developing authentic research study. In this assignment, I will discuss my learning from the classes and its probable impact on my future academic and professional career. Effectiveness and usefulness of the learning experience: Prior to the session, I was not confident enough in conducting any research study with success. However, the learning session has provided me clear idea regarding the way research activities can be conducted in an appropriate manner. The session has provided me the process to concise the research area for successful completion within given timeframe. I have assessed that proper development of research aims and objectives is essential to move the research study forward towards right direction. The sessions have provided me the technical guidelines about the way research methods needed to be selected for accomplishing all the research goals and objectives. I have also assessed that proper development of research structure is essential to accomplish all the goals and objectives within given timeframe. I feel the learning from this session will also help me to enhancing the quality of the research in a major way. Moreover, it will also help me to structure any other research topic in fut ure effectively. Usefulness of the learning process: I feel proper understanding of management roles and responsibilities is critical for developing an effective professional career. Specifically, management experts need to have clear idea regarding the types of strategies and procedures initiated by the managers of top multinational companies. For that reason, I feel this course is absolutely vital for any management expert student, as it will help gain clear practical idea about the current market situation. Moreover, the program has provided me conduct a research study on a very contemporary topic. Therefore, it has allowed me to gain practical knowledge and skills in handling different complex management situation. For that reason, I feel that learning from this assessment will help in the development of my future career as well. Moreover, the session has provided me an idea regarding the way market structure is changing over the past few years. Therefore, it is likely to help me to understand different perspectives of different in dividuals in an appropriate manner. For that reason, I feel that the provided session will help me in my life generally. Course of actions in the learning process: I felt that the provided learning session was very much helpful for me, as it has provided details about different aspects of management roles and responsibilities. In this session, I have read several management guidelines books, which included different theories and concepts. Therefore, it has definitely helped me to enhance my overall knowledge and thoughts regarding management decision-making procedure. Moreover, the session has encouraged me to read several business magazines and newspapers to understand the present market related challenges and benefits. For that reason, I feel that the learning from this session will help me to enhance my decision-making skills, which eventually enhance the quality of my professional career. In this session, I have also read the way different market research activities are conducted for identifying new concepts or results. Therefore, it will help me to initiate any research activities as a management professional in an appropriate manner. Learning from the course: In the assessment 1 and 2, I have developed an in-depth literature review and research proposal. During the time of developing these two assessments, I have accessed several books on the management concepts and research methodologies. I have evaluated different strategies initiated by the global managers for keeping all the employees motivated towards their professional goals and objectives. I have also identified different key concepts associated with the initiated research methodologies. For instance, I have gained clear idea about the research population and sampling strategy, which refers to the essential part of any research project. I have also gained practical experience of developing Gantt chart for setting research timeline. I feel all these mentioned factors will help to conduct many other in-depth researches in an appropriate way. My learning process: During the conduction of assessment 1 and assessment 2, I have developed clear research objectives along with research questions and hypothesis. I have understood proper development of all these factors is essential to move the research project towards a right direction. I have also identified the significance of selecting proper research methodology for covering all areas associated with the research topic. For instance, I have gained knowledge about the qualitative and quantitative research process that the way all these two methods are different from each other. During the time of assessment 1, I have understood the significance of formulating literature gap section for the effective initiation of the research methodologies. I feel formulation of research gap can actually eliminate the possibility of moving towards wrong direction in a major way. On the other hand, assessment 2 has helped to identify different research instruments that studies can utilize for achieving all the pro ject goals and objectives. I have also understood the significance of maintaining consistency in the entire research area. It helps to describe the actual challenges that management are facing in handling global teams. Application of my learning process: I believe conduction of these two assessments have helped me to enhance my level of skills and knowledge in a major way. I believe maintenance of diversified workforce is essential for any organization to expand the reach in the global market. In the present time, not only the multinational companies but also the small size companies have expanded their reach in the global market. Therefore, it will be necessary for me to understand all the challenges of the managers for representing myself as future manager. On the other hand, the study has also provided me the opportunity to evaluate perspectives of globally diversified workforce in an effective manner. Therefore, I feel that proper assessment of the challenges in handling global teams will allow me to enhance the quality of the decision-making process. It is also likely to create positive impact on my professional career. Conclusion: The present business structure is changing continuously for past few decades. Therefore, management of the organizations have to face different types of new challenges on regular basis. For that reason, I feel proper enhancement of knowledge and skills is essential to perform all the management responsibilities in an appropriate way. Therefore, I feel the course program was very much relevant and helpful for developing effective professional career.